It all starts with a personal visit from a designer, he with a careful eye and experience, will make notes on special features, the layout and the ambience of the room.

They will listen to your vision, to your needs and create the room you desire. Luxury Home Improvements take into account your home, style and needs when designing this room to come up with something stunning to suit you. Luxury Home Improvements makes granite and caesar stone affordable for everyone. This and great innovation are just two reasons on how we will fit you with your dream kitchen.


MYSTERIOUS & BEAUTIFUL - Granite is a mysterious and beautiful product, thousands of years old. It is one of the hardest rocks on the earth and is incredibly difficult to cut, polish and shape. Leave it to Luxury Home Improvements, our glue joints are incredible, especiallly if Luxury Home Improvements have fitted the kitchen, if we have fitted your kitchen, it will be level and thus easier to lay the granite, getting a much smaller join than any other company. It comes in hundreds of different colours that do vary because its natural and is part of its beauty. Granite adds a unique feature to your kitchen as you will never see the same piece twice.

Silestone This is a composite and thus made from granite, quartz and glue, this product feels and can look like granite. As it is man-made it is non- porous and also the sample you choose is how it will appear. It is often used in contemporary kitchens and is very popular substitute to granite for those people who want a consistent look in their kitchen.

Corian This is a stunning product, its real advantage is that there are no joins on a corian job and any scratches can be buffed out. It can look exceptionally stunning when the sink is moulded from corian, once again it suits a modern kitchen.